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Application of 1995B additive in textile printing
time:2023-04-23    clicks:37

 HY Chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. mainly produces various types of dispersants, thickeners, and multi-functional pH regulators. This product line is widely used in textile printing and dyeing. The multi-functional additive 1995B produced by the company can be used to adjust the pH value of the paste during printing and has a moisturizing function to prevent clogging during printing. This product does not contain formaldehyde or APEO, is environmentally friendly and odorless, and can replace ammonia water, which improves the factory environment.

Adding 1995B to the paste system can effectively improve the thickening stability of the paste and extend the film-forming time, but it does improve the cross-linking fastness of acrylic emulsions or PU emulsions.