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AMP95 DMEA in the formulation of water-based industrial coatings--HY chemial
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AMP95 and DMEA in the formulation of water-based industrial coatings--HY chemial


1.    AMP95 is a unique organic amine with a chemical structure that also aids in dispersion. When used in combination with a dispersant, it effectively reduces system viscosity and enhances grinding efficiency. The hydrophilic groups (OH) in the multifunctional additive 1995 adsorb onto the pigment surface, creating NH3+ charges on the pigment surface. This surface charge imparts electrostatic stability to the pigment, similar to ammonia. However, ammonia tends to evaporate easily, leading to instability in the system's pH over time. This can adversely affect the storage stability of the entire system. Additionally, ammonia's rapid evaporation and quick drying of the paint film can lead to the formation of yellow complexes with drying agents, resulting in yellowing of the paint film.


2.    DMEA (Dimethyl Ethanolamine) does not have a dispersing function, evaporates at an appropriate rate, and does not adversely affect the brushability of coatings or cause pinholes in the film, as ammonia sometimes does. However, DMEA is known for its yellowing tendencies and strong odor, which can impart a strong odor to the products it is added to. Due to the additional "methyl" group in DMEA compared to MEA (Monoethylamine), it exhibits improved water resistance and higher acid-base neutralization performance. Therefore, many industrial paint manufacturers prefer to use it. However, its strong odor and relatively slower volatility can affect the drying performance of the paint film."


3.    Therefore, many engineers opt to combine the multifunctional additive AMP95 with DMEA. This combination offers good water resistance, high volatility, and a higher neutralization capacity, thereby improving both performance and cost-efficiency.