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Multifunctional additive 1995B structure is alcohol-amine compound neutralizer.

It is mainly used to adjust the pH value of emulsion paints and industrial paints, with small odor, good stability, can improve the scrub resistance and water resistance of paint film, does not affect the gloss, good environmental performance, no system volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is a substitute for ammonia, which is a weaker amine volatile, so the pH stability of paint with ammonia is poor, and ammonia has a big smell.

Technical data

Appearance: transparent liquid

Neutralization value: 270mgKOH/g

Flash point:≥90

Specific gravity: 1.1



Very small odor, good open can affect.

Improve the performance of the thickening agent, and stabilize the viscosity of the system.

Improve the fluidity of paint, enhance the effect of dispersion, and can relatively reduce the amount of dispersant.

Improves the color development of toning paste and helps to reduce the re-flocculation of pigments after paint preparation.

Use and dosage.

It can be added at the stage of painting adjustment to effectively control pH value, improve the performance of thickener, reduce paint odor, and improve the storage stability of emulsion paint; it can also be added at the stage of grinding to achieve the optimal dispersion effect, reduce the dispersion dose and reduce foam.

It is recommended to add 0.05~0.8% of the total formula, and users can adjust the dosage according to the usage.

Packaging and storage and transportation

25KG/50KG plastic drum. Keep airtight in a cool, dry, and ventilated place, prevent direct sunlight, and valid for one year.


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